Village Family Practice - Samford Village General Practice and Dermal Therapies Clinic

Patient Information Sheet
Please find out patient information sheet, providing an introduction to the practice for new patients, below:

Test Results
Unlike many other clinics, Village Family Practice does not believe patients should have to return to see their doctor to discuss normal test results. Unnecessary recalls add to the costs of healthcare both for the patient and the community.

When your doctor orders an investigation, they will receive a report directly from the pathology or imaging provider. Your doctor will review the report and ask the practice nurse or reception staff to contact you via SMS or phone if the result contains abnormalities that need to be discussed. You will be asked to make an appointment with one of the doctors to go over the results and develop a management plan. In the vast majority of occasions, recalls are for minor/non-urgent matters.

For investigation results that contain no abnormalities, doctors will file the reports in your electronic record. You will be able to discuss these with your doctor at your next appointment.

Your are welcome to call the practice at any time to check if your test results have been reviewed by the doctor and if a further appointment is required. Reception staff are not permitted for privacy reasons to discuss results over the phone.

Communication Policy
The Practice welcomes telephone inquiries from patients. Should patients need to speak with a doctor or nurse at the Practice, the urgency of their request will be assessed by the receptionist using standardized phone triage protocols. In most circumstances, reception staff will be able to handle your inquiry. If a doctor does need to be contacted, you will either be transferred directly to an available doctor, or be asked to leave your contact details, which will then be passed on to a doctor with a request for a call back. We ask that you leave a number you can reliably be reached on, to spare the risk of the dreaded 'phone tag' taking place.

Telephone consultations are free as they do not attract a Medicare rebate, however this does mean that such consults are kept brief and may result in a request for the patient to attend the practice for an appointment.

The Practice is happy to receive email enquiries from patients (, however replies from the Practice will generally be via phone, particularly when dealing with personal medical matters, to ensure we are speaking with the correct person. In most cases where medical advice is sought via email, you will be asked to make an appointment to see one of our doctors.

Patient Health Information
The Practice maintains a password-protected electronic database of patient health records. Results from pathology and radiology tests are transmitted to the Practice via secure electronic messaging and integrated into a patient’s health record automatically. 

Only health professionals (doctors/nurses) at the Practice have access to patient health records. Personal demographic and health information about patients will only be provided to other practices and health professionals upon receipt by VFP of a written request which includes patient authorisation. The requested details will then be forwarded to the other practice/health professional, preferably electronically via Medical Objects. Please note that the transfer of medical records may attract a printing and administration fee. This will be determined by the amount and complexity of the information request.

The practice has a privacy policy (see below Word file):

VFP takes the quality and ongoing improvement of the services it provides seriously. Feedback from patients is welcomed in any form. This can be verbally in person or over the phone, in writing using our feedback form available from reception, or electronically using the ‘Contact Us’ form here. Patients providing feedback will be contacted by phone or in writing to confirm receipt of their feedback and provide details of measures that will be taken to address any concerns raised. A plan for follow-up contact will also be given to the patient, if necessary. 

Should patients wish to lodge a formal complaint regarding the care they have received, they may contact the Office of the Health Ombudsman. The contact details of the OHO are: 

Office of the Health Ombudsman 
PO Box 13281 George Street 
Brisbane QLD 4003 
Ph: 133 OHO (133 646) 
Fax: (07) 3319 6350