Village Family Practice - Samford Village General Practice and Dermal Therapies Clinic
Our Fees

Village Family Practice specialises in complex and chronic health issues. To reflect this, our standard appointments are 20 minutes in length, allowing adequate time for patients to explain their concerns and for their doctor to conduct a thorough examination and devise a management plan.

Only certain patients are bulk-billed for GP consultations during the week (Mon-Fri):
- Children <16yrs old
- DVA patients
- Health Care Card holders
- Pensioner Concession Card holders
- Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders

Other patients will be charged privately for consultations:
Short consultations (10-15mins): $70 (Medicare rebate: $37.05)
Standard consultations (20mins): $100 (Medicare rebate: $71.70)
Long consultations (>40mins): $155 (Medicare rebate: $105.55)

Medicare rebates will be processed through Medicare Online, with rebates deposited directly into patients' bank accounts.

The above billing arrangements reflect our commitment to adequate consultation time, with our standard 20 minute consults having the lowest out-of-pocket expense.

The focus of appointments on Sundays is acute illnesses. The fee for a standard 10-minute consultation on Sundays for all patients is $80, with the Medicare rebate being $49. Bulk-billing is not available on Sundays.

Urgent After Hours Call Outs / Home Visits
Please note that urgent after hours call outs and home visits are not bulk-billed, with a gap of $40 generally required.

Surgical Procedures
All surgical procedures (e.g. laceration repairs, lesion excisions) will incur a $50-$100 out-of-pocket fee to cover the cost of consumables. The exact fee will depend on the complexity of the procedure and the consumables required. This will be explained prior to the procedure

Holistic Medical Assessments
Dr Joy Hussain provides holistic assessments for patients with complex and chronic medical complaints. Advice and treatment incorporates natural therapies and the use of bio-identical hormones. Initial assessments are charged at $200 for a 45-60min assessment. Follow-up holistic consultations are 30mins in length and charged at $100.

There are no Medicare rebates for consultations with Dr Hussain.

Dr Joy Hussain provides acupuncture services, with 30 minute sessions charged at $100 and 60 minute sessions charged at $200. There are no Medicare rebates.

HCG Weight Loss Treatments
Treatments involve a history, examination and assessment for suitability for the HCG protocol. As such, assessments and prescriptions (including repeat prescriptions) for HCG will require a dedicated consultation, which will be charged at $110 (Medicare rebate $71.30).
1 hour sessions with our psychologist, Josie Sorban, are charged at $190, with patients eligible for a Medicare rebate of $124.50 if they have a current Mental Health Care Plan from their GP.